Is a small bum on a girl a turn off for guys?

Could you possibly fancy a girl still even if she had a really small bum because she's naturally skinny? Like say you think she's beautiful and has a lovely figure, would you still think she's fit and fancy her if her bum was really small? It's just that all songs these days seem to mention girls with big bums as the ideal and it makes me incredibly insecure. I'm generally happy with the way I look, just wish my bum was much bigger!

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  • 7 years ago
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    That depends on what guy you are asking. Usually the only guy that requires a big butt are the ones that have a fetish for it. Most guys are not going to be that picky. Can you imagine dressing up in sexy lingerie just to have the guy tell you, your butt is too small? I don't think that happens very often, he'll be too busy looking at the whole package and yes that includes your small butt, and plus if a big butt was so important to the guy would he even have acknowledged you? I'm thin and I have a smaller butt (34 inches around my hip area) and trust me I used to get so down about it too. My boyfriend before we met went out on a date with this girl who had a massive butt, the term "big" was microscopic next to hers. Well anyways they went out on a date and she sat on his lap and he was trying so hard not to cry because it hurt him so bad. Me and my tiny little *** can sit on his lap all day and he doesn't feel any pain, in fact he feels the opposite of pain *wink*. Plus as he puts it an *** doesn't have to be big to be beautiful. As for the songs, yeah what guys do you hear singing them? Rappers. Rappers are known for liking girls to have giant rears and **** the size of planet earth. As for guys who listen to rap music and follow the style of it? Not exactly the guys you want to be around anyways. Trust me I've met them, they are assholes. I once knew a guy who was a gangster wannabe and the way he talked about women you'd think we were nothing more than replaceable sex toys. Is that really the kind of man you want to attract? Don't worry about your butt. As someone who has a small butt myself I've found a man to help me see the real beauty of it. You will find one as well.

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    7 years ago

    It'll matter to an absolute swine.

    But small buts are lovely.

    Most guys won't judge harshly by the size of your bum.

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