Will games from Steam slow down my laptop?

I have been getting really into PC gaming lately, but I need my laptop for school and can't risk killing it for games. I have looked into getting an external hard drive, but it doesn't seem like the best option for games. If it does slow my computer and I delete the games, will it speed back up again and be unaffected? I have a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A7283 laptop, which I bought on December 26, 2013. Thanks

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    Steam games do not affect the speed of your computer, not even if you have a lot of games. However, games are ideally run on desktop computer with proper cooling. Laptops are notoriously bad for cooling and heavy gaming can cause thermal damage (at least get a GOOD cooling pad).

    The normal daily use of your laptop has a much greater effect on the speed of your laptop. Don't install too much junk on your PC, make sure your disk is never used over 80% capacity, run a virus scanner (avira/avast/MSE) and malware scanner (malware bytes).

    People often think that the few entries in the registry slow down your computer when you install software, but seriously, a handful of records is not going to make a difference between the million others.

    And do note that Windows computer will always slow down over time. This is due to the Windows Update service and the way it works. Should you get a Linux on your laptop, this won't be the case. Your laptop will run just as fast after 5 years of use as the first day you installed it. Note that Steam is releasing more and more games that are compatible with Linux (without WINE, PlayOnLinux etc).

  • 6 years ago

    Very few if any. The integrated CPU GFX is not good enough for many modern games, and no you can't upgrade it.

    If you want to play games get a desktop.

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