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Do I have a case against my girlfriend?

She became really depressed after she got laid off and started to get all needy. She got super clingy. When she messages me, it's like she can't wait for me to get back to her anymore, or at least as long as she used to wait. She use to text me every 3-4 hours. This is after she told me to break up with me and wanted to know I was still there for her. She got super anxious and depressed so I told her "sorry, I'm busy". She thought I was going to leave her so she msges me like 8 times per day. Then I told her "I'll get back to you tomorrow", then she started to have more patient. She waits for a day then she texts me and told me that was wasn't worried about me not getting back to her... When I told her I am happy to hangout with her, she seems to be giving me a lot more space. She actually waits 4 days to get in contact with me again like normal.

1. Do I have a case against her? I really didn't like what she did when she was at her super low point but I do like what she is doing now though. I never told her to stop communicating with me.

2. Was she really in depression?

3. How do you handle people in depression? It is hard to handle them... I almost filed an actual police report on her because I felt she was annoying me so badly. but I can see in the longrun, she just misses me and just wants to relationship to be normal again.

4. If the police does something with the report, is it possible for me to not hold charges against her?

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    It's normal for girls to be needy when we're at our low point, we want to feel comfort and safe, we want to make sure that our beloved still here for us, ready to cheer us up. But if she turn out too needy maybe she want your attention. First , try to comfort her and ask what has happened to her.

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