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Is Cilla Black a nasty piece of work?

A friend and I have just been discussing the career of the late, great Dusty Springfield and how fabulous a talent she was-and very nice apparently. After discussing other chanteuses from the 60's such as Sandy Shaw and Lulu, I was shocked to discover that Cilla Black was the biggest-selling female artist of the decade.

This bemuses me! I understand that people consider her a national treasure after hosting hit television shows such as Blind Date and Surprise Surprise making her the highest paid female television presenter of the 80's and 90's, but she has always struck me as a narcissistic, stuck-up and difficult piece of work, who has forgotten her humble, working class roots in Liverpool.

My grandmother once met her in Deansgate in the late 90's, and after asking her for her autograph-Cilla gave her the most disgusted look, and appeared very inconvenienced by the request.

After reading lots of examples of her bitterness, I find it hard to believe she is anything but nasty.

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    She always been a horrible woman. Back in 1963 I was waiting in a queue with tickets outside the studios one cold December evening. I saw her come out of the pub across the road with the Dave Clark Five. She lead the way across the road. She barged into us and shouted "will yer gerrout the way!" She was wanting to get to a side door that no one had noticed. As she pushed past me she purposely elbowed me in the ribs which really hurt. In 2005 she knocked a women to the floor in a restuarant and shouted " don't yer know who I am?" She got her minders to throw out the man and the woman she knocked down who happened to be in her way while she pushed her way to a table. Nasty piece of work. I wonder how " her Bobby" coped with her violence.

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