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Rate my Fantasy Football Team (standard 10 team league)?

QB: Matthew Stafford

RBs: Matt Forte

Toby Garhart

WRs: Dez Bryant

Percy Harvin

TE: Julius Thomas

FLEX: Shane Vereen

K: Matt Prater

DEF: Carolina Panthers


Andy Dalton (QB)

T.Y. Hilton (WR)

Steve Smith (WR)

Kenny Stills (WR)

Eric Ebron (TE)

Denver Broncos (DEF)

Any Recommendations??

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    I'd say you got off to a tremendous start, but then there was a bit of crash and burn, mainly related to how you're utilizing your bench. Dalton is a fine tandem QB with Stafford - this may be the strong point of your team. Maclin and Hilton aren't bad as b/u WRs, but everything else is junk,because you need the most depth at positions where you start the most (WR/RB). You're in disaster mode at RB.

    If nothing else, get Forte's handcuff, a rookie who is impressing bigtime. You'll own the Bears running game, which is a plus, but the minus is you can't start him unless Forte gets injured. So you still need at least another one. It doesn't help that Gerhart is a fairly weak RB2 in a league this size.

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  • 6 years ago

    7. your starters are good but bench is weak. plus gerhart and harvin are risky.

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