Out of state auto insurance ok when moving?

I'm moving from California to Washington State and one of the requirements for registering my car in Washington is insurance. Due to a recent accident, it would be advantageous for me to be able to keep my current policy for the full year. However I'm unsure whether I can keep my California Insurance. Can I?

Remaining a California Resident would be more costly due to state taxes (I think) and I don't know how legal that would be since my intention is to move permanently.

Links/Advice of where to get an answer would be appriciated. I've already tried and failed to find an answer at the dol.wa.gov website.

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  • 6 years ago
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    One of the requirements for keeping insurance is that it has to be for the place where you keep the car or where you live. You cannot keep California insurance, or insurance from any other state, when you move fto another state.

    You may be able to keep the same policy, but you won't be able to keep it as "California insurance". Some insurance companies are licensed in multiple states and can switch the policy from one state to another without even changing your policy number.

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