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Samoa has some real talent, if Samoan players from other countries such and England, Aus and NZ were to go and play for Samoa I think they would be one hell of a team.

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    Theres a new loophole which allows players that havent played international rugby for 3 years to play for another country if they qualify through birthplace/residence.

    So the Samoa lineup for the 2015 world cup COULD look like this:

    1 John Afoa (former All Black)

    2 Mo Schwalger (Chiefs)

    3 John Schwalger (former All Black)

    4 Daniel Leo

    5 Kane Thompson (Chiefs)

    6 Jordan Taufua (Crusaders)

    7 Jack Lam (Hurricanes)

    8 Faifili Levave (Hurricanes)

    9 Kahn Fotuali'i

    10 Isaia Toeava (former All Black)

    11 Digby Ioane (former Wallaby)

    12 Benson Stanley (former All Black)

    13 Alapati Leiua (Hurricanes)

    14 Lelia Masaga (former All Black)

    15 Rudi Wulf (former All Black)

    And the bench with guys like:

    Neemia Tialata (former All Black)

    Ross Filipo (former All Black)

    Jerry Collins (former All Black)

    Chris Masoe (former All Black)

    Mose Tuiali'i (former All Black)

    Sosene Anesi (former All Black)

    Tusi Pisi

    and heaps more.

    Samoa is the team to look out for at the 2015 World Cup!!

    • Woah! That's a mean team!!! Lets cross out fingers and see what happens!

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    No argument there. But many of these "Samoans" were born or raised in other countries and qualify for Samoa under the grandparent rule. Even Manu Tualangi -- albeit he was born in Samoa -- was raised in England and was trained in the English development program.

    The real issue for second-tier countries like Samoa, Tonga, Canada, Georgia, etc. is getting their professionals released for international matches. It's not uncommon for players from these countries to have to agree to decline invitations from their international squad -- particularly for the October-November tests -- in order to get a contract from a European club.

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  • 6 years ago

    Most of the players who play for Samoa are born or raised in New Zealand

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  • 6 years ago

    Of course. But the money means they go to New Zealand etc.

    • Hayley6 years agoReport

      You will find that most of them are actually born in New Zealand. The money in New Zealand rugby isn't that great anyway, they would get more in Japan and France.

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  • liable
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    5 years ago

    I agree with Stephen? they go where the money is. Which sux

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