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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 6 years ago

I made a big mistake... will I get expelled... how will I survive!?!?!?!?

for almost a year now i have been having anxiety over a huge mistake I made... last school year I transferred to a private high school and immediately found a boy who i was interested in. We started talking to one another and getting closer and closer until one day he asked me a rather personal question.... he asked if i masturbate... One thing led to another and we ended up sexting (no photos were sent) and like after five minutes I realized what i was doing and begged him to promise to never tell any one. he swore he wouldn't do that to me and from then on i didn't text him ever again...

Months passed and i almost forgot what happened... that was until my friend "Ben" said that this boy was telling people we sexted.... I went into panic mode.... I already felt disgusted with myself for doing this but now other people know...... Apparently he just told "Ben" and one other guy but he didn't show the texts.... but what if he still has them D:

Can i get expelled for doing this? Every day since then, even into the summer, I have thought about this... I am so stressed!!! all I want to do is go to college.

I checked the student hand book and it makes no mention of sexual activity outside of school being prohibited but still. this kind of subject is a rather serious topic...

I don't trust the boy who I sexted any more... He doesn't act the same as he used to either...

WHAT DO I DO! I am so distressed about this. I can't think about going back to school without freeking out.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    yes you can get expelled.

    but i would be more worried about all those people he's showing those nude pics to. he could have them on the internet. they are already on the internet because whenever you send a picture message it goes to the internet, and his phone provider can access a copy in case there were issues with the phone. this is why it's so important not to do these things. but it happens.

    if i were you i would come clean and tell my parents what happened. eventually, a teacher is going to hear about the sexts and they will tell your parents/expell you. at the very least they will repremand you with a suspension. your parents will be mad at you at first, but honestly it's not going to compare to how mad they will be if they just lost all their money because you got suspended. at this point they have the opportunity to do damage control for you. they will go to the school (may or may not get police involved since you are a minor) and talk the principal. at which point they will bring in your friend and his parents. the texts will be deleted because you are underage. you two probably won't be allowed to contact each other. (which is fine since the dirt bag promised not to tell and he did anyway, he's trying to boost his ego). but because you came forward, acknowledged your mistake, and did the right thing to correct the will save your school career. and your parents money. and your parents will be happy you did the right thing and learned your lesson. they will be glad you were mature enough to come forward and confront the issue rather than allowing it to spiral out of your hands while you cower silently in fear/anxiety.

    Tell your Mom. In most cases, she will take care of it and hide it from your father. Because to be honest, she's probably gone through a similar situation in her youth. Polaroid was probably popular her in her youth lolz. Just contact her and tell her you need some help. Some things got a bit out of hand at school, and you need to speak with her/consult her. Tell her what happened. Just tell her you were interested in this boy, and you sent him some pics. tell her you thought all was well since it's the thing these days, but you quickly realized your mistake. tell her you trusted the boy and he promised not to show anyone. tell her now you have confirmation that he has been showing off your pics. ask her what she can do to help you fix this mistake. tell her you don't want it to ruin your school career, or your social life, or wind up on the internet as a cruel joke. for all you know he could have texted your pics to half the school body. better get this sorted out.

    It's tough because I know it's TERRIFYING to tell your parents, and they'll practically murder/disown you in most families but honestly - it will be fine. They will deal with the problem swiftly and be so thankful they have such a mature and amazing girl. And if you tell your mom she'll find a way to keep it private so it's not weird at school or all over the place. She can even get it so if that boy talks about what happened he will be expelled. Don't feel sorry for him. Honestly, he could care less about you and your feelings. Additionally, you need to worry about yourself, your reputation, and your imamge here.

    The same situation happened to my best friend. She didn't tell anyone. He spread a whole bunch of gossip about her, said they screwed, etc. He msged the pics to almost the entire student body. Some kid made copies and posted pics in the school. That's when teachers got involved, but they'd already heard about students talking about it. After they got involved she was expelled for exposing herself, cops were involved, too. Her parents threw a huge fit. A few years later, she was trying to hook up with a guy on a dating website. He actually found pics of her face superimposed on other ppl's bodies in nasty poses, and her pics from when she was younger. they were all over the internet with vulgar captions. she contacted police, but they couldn't pull all of the images down. she really regrets the whole situation. And her dad doesn't speak to her because he saw the internet pics when he was searching one night. He was so ashamed of her and wasn't sure what was real or photoshop. don't be like her. Tell your parents and get the help you need early on before this gets out of hand!

    Best of luck!

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  • 6 years ago

    Just don't do it again. The same thing happened to me. I really likes the guy and he told everyone and now all these boys look at me Lik I'm a free for all and easy and willimg. And I'm far from it

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    what a pig that guy is

    i really feel sorry for u...

    i wanna tip u on this..

    but i would like to do it in private

    would u be ok to pm me in yahoo messenger...

    pls tel ur reply clicking on the 'comment' tab on the bottom right corner of this answer.

    i ll share my yahoo ID after that

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  • 6 years ago

    OK! Here's what you need to do! Continue sexting him! It will relieve the pain he has deep inside. The pain, exactly? DELETING THOSE PICTURES! He needs that deep hole that was dug when he deleted those pictures to be filled - by getting those pics back!

    Source(s): I am a doctor. Doctor Toboggan. Mantis Toboggan!
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