BBUS: is derrick a popular houseguest with america?

can't stand him, too cocky, thinks he's the puppet master. but look who he's playing... the people he's picking off the house aren't the most difficult to evict in BB history -.-

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  • 5 years ago
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    Donny/Zach( Frankie cuz of Ariana fans)

    are the most popular

    I like Derrick since he's playing the best game. Everyone tells him everything and trusts him.Nobody is wanting him out now.

    If they don't get him out soon he will get far and might end up winning. Since we are in Jury now. He will have 5 or 6 votes locked up if he's in final 2

    If Derrick can get Hayden and Nicole out it's his game to win.

  • 5 years ago

    No it's Donnie.

    some people are upset that he is an police officer and he lies. Some people are calling him the dishonest cop. I do not get that, because cops lies all the time to get what they need for an conviction. I think him being a police office helps him lie for people to believe him. I think he is playing the best game. A lot of people in America do not like that he is a police officer. Everyone in the house lie, it's part of the game

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