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I love my bf so much...but am fed up with him spending my money!!!!!?

Am pissed off with my bf and the way he spends my money. Ever since we met i been helping him with money and i spend so much money on him and end up being skint every month. He doesnt realise that am getting annoyed and he thinks my money is his. We are behind on bills because of his careless immature ways. Last month he had my card and for a whole week he had my card getting money out of the ATM and with a week not money left. This month i had to get my salary paid into his card because of issues with my bank.. I keep tabs of how much money he withdraws and i know he taked 110 euros yesterday and he didnt tell me and 70 this morning. What got me pissed off is that last month because he had to borrow off someone he owes this guy 300 euros because he has his phone...he rang me this morning like what shall i do? i said am not giving him 300 we got bills to pay and he wasnt happy!! Then he said one of his friends might lend him...and then i checked his card and he taken another 300 euros from my salary. Am pissed off that he might be giving the 300 to this guy now.

I feel so disrespected and hurt...he thinks is ok to do it. i mean yesterday we went for a drink and he had my card and payed with it,. He is unemployed and gets his benefit but even with that we are still skint....i said to him this month i am strict with the money because i cant handle being skint every month and am annoyed because he is not honest with me. i got paid 1200 yesterday and today i have 600!!!!

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    If I were you, I would put a freeze on any cards in your name that he has in his possession. You need to put a stop to this. If he wants money, he needs to get off his worthless *** and go get a job. Any job will do. Don't matter what job he gets. He needs to get paid for it.

    If he doesn't like it getting cut off, then he can leave out the front door that he came. It might be better that you find another boyfriend anyways. Find one that works, has his own money and knows how to manage it.

    I hope this is a learning experience. Never ever let any man that isn't married to you have control over your money and finances. He needs to have his own money and you need to have yours.

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    Ooh that is a red flag honey. No bueno.

    Sit down and have a serious chat with him. That is ridiculous behavior. If he doesn't stop, then I suggest a therapist or leaving altogether bc that's not okay at all. Only more and more problems will arise from his destructiveness.

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    You would appreciate a better class of guy, one who knows how to work and handle his own money, not need yours.

    I helped a boyfriend out for a short while but got tired of it when he expected it to continue, and never paid me back. I am not a bank.

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    If he's a rude, selfish, hypocritical, inconsiderate, condescending, stuck-up bad boy, dump him or reject him and tell other girls to avoid him!

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