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Searching for the Korean dramas with certain features (look below)?

I'm a man and not ashamed to admit that I like romantic dramas from the East. They possess things that West cinema has lost for a long time - purity and innocence. In addition, they're extremely funny and can mend a broken heart when it necessarily.

I like dramas in which the man and the woman play equal roles, instead of roles of silicone dolls. I love strong, rebellious heroines, who're able to stand for themselves. I love ingenuous, frank heroes who don't burdened by a huge wealth. The porcelain actors that are looking at sunset and shedding tears make me sick. Those of you who saw “Boys over flowers” would definitely understand my pain. Therefore, I beg you; do not advise me popular dramas about some Cinderella and her faceless harem.

“1st Shop Coffee-Prince” - this is a standard, one of the best romantic series in modern history. It didn't really bother me with annoying "love triangles", main leads become pair in the middle of a series, not just in the last episode as usual. In such honest relationship, I can believe. Look at them, they quarrel on trifles and reconciled at the next moment, they casually but constantly touch each other, crack jokes and easily kiss. Last time I saw such simple sincere act in "Like crazy". Finally, the most important thing is a brilliant actor's play. Play, not a posing! Basically, I am looking for a live interaction between two lovers.

So, if somebody prompts me a similar series like "Coffee-Prince", I'll be very grateful!

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    Might I recommend Queen In-Hyun's Man? It features a scholar from Joseon-era Korea who travels forward in time and meets an up-and-coming actress who is starring in a drama as the Queen who he, in his real life, serves. So if you like your romance with a dash of science fiction-- not only does our man travel forward in time, he in fact returns at times with knowledge of history (!) so there's the issue of an altering timelines which I thought they handled well, for a K-drama especially-- then this is a solid candidate. Also, viewers noticed the amazing chemistry between the leads and, sure enough, after the show they announced they were dating (though they did split during his 2+ year military service).

    Also, Faith (a.k.a. The Great Doctor) - Yet another time travel drama, but this time our heroine is "kidnapped" (though he wouldn't exactly call it that) by the hero and taken back to the Goryeo era (a few hundred years before Joseon era). Long story short: Captain of the King's guard Choi Young is given orders to go through a "heavenly gate" to find a famed divine healer to save the mortally-wounded Queen. Heaven ends up being the Gangnam district and the divine healer he ends up grabbing is thoracic surgeon-turned-plastic surgeon Eun Soo. I'll admit, a lot of people found her annoying but I thought she was great. She wasn't clumsy or timid or shy and she didn't take no sh*t from no one. If you do decide to tackle this, I think the general consensus is that it takes at least 4 eps to really get into it. The first few episodes are basic set-up and the characters coming to terms with what exactly is going on. But man, if you get hooked you are in for quite the ride. I loved Eun Soo & Choi Young's relationship-- he starts out such a stoic character (apathetic to the point of being suicidal even) until she gradually draws him out & helps him see the joy in life again. I honestly was not a Lee Min Ho fan before watching this drama but I was so impressed by him in this role that I now consider myself a fan (even though none of his other dramas-- and yes, that includes Boys Over Flowers-- compare to this one imo).

    If I may be so bold, I'd say that J-drama romances tend not to focus as much on the "marrying a rich/socially-prominent man" angle as K-dramas often do (and even when that's not obvious from the get-go, like 90% of the time it turns out the guy is a secret chaebol or something *rolls eyes*). So if you don't mind giving J-dramas a shot, I'll throw a few of my favorite romance series out there:

    Summer Nude: Natsumi (a chef) is left at the altar at a seaside resort and strikes up an acquaintance with Asahi, the local photographer hired to take the wedding pics. She's understandably depressed so when she gets an encouraging note from him in the mail, followed by an invitation to help run his friends' small restaurant on the beach, she decides to give it a shot. As for Asahi, he's been spinning his wheels in the small town, still waiting for the return of the woman who left him behind with little explanation 3 years ago. Natsuki obviously sees a lot of herself in Asahi and starts to challenge him to move on with his life, as she tries to do the same. A number of people said they found this drama "boring" but I thought it was a really wonderful, mature romance (I guess in drama terms, since there are no villains or evil mothers or birth secrets or tragic illnesses, this means "boring"-- in which case I say make more boring dramas then).

    Soratobu Kouhoushitsu - About TV reporter Inaba, assigned to profile the officers working in the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF)'s public relations office. There she meets Sorai, a young man who was up til recently a promising fighter pilot, before an unfortunate accident leaves him unfit for flying duty. He's recently been reassigned to that office and is just sort of going through the motions. Inaba, having recently experienced some setbacks of her own, seems to relate to him and they both start to come back to life, realizing that despite the inevitable disappointments in life one must keep moving and find the value in what they can do in their current circumstances.

    And because I don't want to spend another hour writing, let me just throw these out there:

    Long Vacation

    Cheap Love

    Virgin Road

    Suppli (a.k.a. Sapuri)

    Kimi wa Petto

    Ooku ~Tanjou

    Zenkai Girl

    Buzzer Beat

    Well, good luck finding something to watch!

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