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Can someone please help me name and find this book please?

At a high school or junior book fair I remember buying this book about a young junior high or high school girl who had recently been diagnosed leukemia. I cant remember many of the details of the in book other that in the hospital she befriends another girl with leukemia and at the end the main girl is in remission while her friend in the hospital goes to Mexico for better treatment and fresh air dies leaving behind a box of wigs and other various items for her friend. On the main cover I believe is girl with soft brown hair in a yellow nightgown holding a brown teddy bear. If anyone at all remembers this book, it's name author and where I can find and buy the book again, I'd be extremely grateful! Thank you!

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    I got your book! Dawn Rochelle, Four Novels : 6 months to live/ I want to live/ So much to live for/ No time to cry. By Lurlene McDaniel :)

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