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How can I pass the following AP courses with 5's?

AP Psychology

AP Biology

AP Government

AP English Literature

AP Calculus AB

Please be thorough and helpful.

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    AP Psych: Look over your textbook very carefully. Basically anything in that book could be on the test. You could also get a study guide if your really desperate for a 5. If you don't know an answer, then just make an educated guess. Most of the time, the name of the term the questions are asking you about are self explanatory. This is perhaps the most easiest AP exam out of all the others.

    AP Bio: Get a study guide for this. Take a lot of practice exams also. Make sure you review the topics that use miss a lot.

    AP Gov: Get a study guide for this. Make sure you know the exact functions of each role in the government, and also remember the definitions for all the terms.

    AP English Lit: Take a lot of practice tests. Have someone review your essays to make sure they really good. Review your vocabulary and literary terms. Be able to identify those as well.

    AP Calc AB: Do all your homework and understand how to solve all the problems your teacher assigns you. Take a few practice tests maybe a week or two before the actually AP exam.

    Good luck!

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    Purchase an individual review book for each AP course. I recommend Princeton Review Book which you can order through or purchase at your local library. Princeton Review Book is one of the AP exam review books used to prep for the AP exams, and also one of the best.

    ALL AP exams are in May so make sure to study at least two months in advance to be well-prepared. Good luck!

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