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Why is she mad and won't talk to me?

k so i was in class 1 day and there is girl i like girl very much and want to secks with because pretty and boobs and i was dong my work when she turbed around and she ask for pencil and i saw her bra come out of shirt just a little and i camed in my pants because i imagine have secks with her and she asked for a pencil again and i was like ok so i stud up 2 give her pencil nd u could see the came all over my pants because i frogot 2 put on underwear in morning and she was like oh he peed his pants and everyone look at me and laugh and i cri nd teacher take me to nurse office 2 change pamts so y is she angree at me I did not mean 2 came in pants but she very pretty and boobs so could not help it and now she no talk 2 me

y she no talk 2 me pls tel

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    Worst grammar I've ever seen.

    Try Hooked on worked for me.

  • 6 years ago

    It's because :

    1) You are a horny pervert. Girls don't like that.

    2) Your grammar sucks. Girls hate that as well.

  • Swampy
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    6 years ago

    because you are a creepy freak. She could actually charge you with sexual harassment. Just stay away from her.

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