Are we still fighting the Civil War?

I know the fighting is over but I'm talking about from a political view. There is still sectionalism between the North and South, trust me I know. I live in Massachusetts and recently finished my AP US History course and couldn't help but notice that the North and the South still hold some form of hatred toward the other. For instance, there are debates over the names of schools and construction of monuments that glorify the Confederacy. But seriously, when I hear people from the South call the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression" or "The Lost Cause" it makes my blood boil. There are still stereotypes such as when I want to sound dumb or stupid I put on my best Southern Accent (the redneck ones) and I've heard that in the South when they want to make it clear they are lying the speak in a Northern accent. Now I realize this is incredibly bias since I live in the North.


I just want to update some facts. I don't need to know about the Civil War, I'm talking about the aftermath of it. Yes I know that the war was over state rights and not slavery and that the Confederate flag represents racism to some and rebellion against a corrupt government to others.

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  • 6 years ago
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    yes we are. But its more of a mental and psychological war through people's beliefs and views. Everything is 50/50 like abortion, gay rights, weed legalization, international relations, immigration everything is split decision. You have Republicans against Obama and the people of the U.S

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