Alesis DM6 - eletric drum?



I would very much like to buy Alesis DM6 battery, but I have lots of questions ...

In fact, I'd really like to have an acoustic drums, but I can't because it bothers the neighbors: and so opted for electric.

in the videos from youtube in which they see a demonstration of the battery, I see that it is impossible to be the camera to record the sound, since it seems to be a great sound quality ...

The battery has a software that passes the sound of drums to the computer?

And also I noticed

Update 2:

And also I noticed that the people who make drum cover of a certain music, they get only the sound of the original battery, and put them ... How do they do that?

And by the way, other issues ...:

-Each dish, drum, ... has a particular sound for each intensity to hit?

example: If I hit harder, the sound will be louder and different, right?

-Takes too long until the drums play the sound we hit?

-You can hear the sound through headphones or external speakers?

-Is tough? Can I add mote drums

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    I'll try to answer all of your questions. I have a DM6 and it works very well for the price. So forst off I'm not sure what you mean by "battery". Do you mean the drum controller? An electronic drum set has two main parts, the pads and the controller. The controller is where all the sounds are.

    So you hit a pad and that creates a small voltage, that voltage triggers the controller to produce a sound. That is how it works in the most basic sense.

    The DM6 is only going to have he sounds that come on it. If there is a way to add more I am not aware of it. Some drum sets do let you import other sounds from the company's website, etc. Almost all pads have some amount of dymanics. So if you hit the pad harder you will get a louder sound. The only pad on the DM6 that produces a different sound when you hit it harder is the ride cymbal. If you hit it lightly it sounds like playing the surface of a ride cymbal. If you hit it harder it sounds like playing the bell of a ride cymbal.

    There is no lag with the DM6, so no, there will not be a delay between when you hit the pad and when you hear the sound. You can use headphones or an amp of some kind. It is a very sturdy and well made set. No, you cannot add more drums. The DM6 controller only has inputs for the pads that come with it. There are 8 inputs and 8 pads, bass, snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, crash and ride.

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