Need some advice about moving from the UK to Sweden (skane)?

i am 19 and have always loved Sweden, i would like to move to Sweden skane, angelholm and have spent years trying to work out how, in January i will finish my NVQ 3 and be a "IT professional" hoping that will help, i have my Girlfriend and friends out there, but any advice or hearing how other people managed it would be great!

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Learn to spell Swedish words properly. That would be Ängelholm in Skåne. There's three extra letters, å, ä, ö at the end of the alphabet.

    Start learning a few phrases (Hello, How are you, I'm fine, Thank You). There is no word for "please".

    I moved to Sweden from UK, lived there nearly twenty years. I made sure I got a job before I moved. There's lots to like about Sweden, and I strongly suggest you made the effort to learn Swedish well enough so they don't swap back into English after three sentences of your Swedish (a very common experience among people I knew, we all had to do an intensive course before they would speak Swedish to us).

    I still miss the food, and the Christmas songs, and the wonderful summer.

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