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What could make a cat really dopey, and make it vomit after trying to eat or drink?

I recently had to put a cat down because of serious digestive distress. At first I thought it might be string gut, but then realized that was not possible, based on the symptoms. Here is what happened:

After being hyper-active (normal for him) and being out prowling 20 hrs a day for several days, the cat was listless. Then he got really dopey -- sleepy, clumsy. He then went almost comatose for a day or more. He then woke up just a bit, and when he tried to eat or drink, would bring it up with a huge amount of fluid.

The vet said the cat may have just eaten something nasty while on the prowl, and gotten a bacterial infection, but my concern is that it was poison. But, what poison would result in these symptoms?


I would have thought that anti-freeze poisoning would result in a more violent reaction.

Btw, I do know that a cat being let out is generally wrong, but sometimes you have no choice -- let the cat out OR end up having to have it destroyed because it is seriously destructive and troublesome. From the time this cat was several months old, he started demanding to go out, and escaping. You cannot devote your life to keeping a cat inside.

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  • Ocimom
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    7 years ago

    W/O knowing where the cat was when outside unsupervised, poisoning seems most likely. Unless you tested for possible poisoning (blood test may have told you), you will never know. Could have been a rotting animal, poisoned kill, or antifreeze. No way to know for sure.

  • 5 years ago

    that poor cat

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