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Makeup Essentials?

Ok so I need a basic list of makeup essentials. I have hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair if that helps at all. I don't have pale skin but it's not tan either... Thanks

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    The everyday essentials that you use are obviously up to you, but makeup products that I consider essential in your collection are:

    - Face primer. It provides a smooth base for your makeup to go on more easily and helps it last longer.

    - Foundation. I prefer to only use it for special occasions, but depending on your skin type and how much coverage you want you can use it as an everyday product. If you did want something for everyday and you don't want too much coverage, I'd recommend a BB cream, since it gives more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but isn't as heavy as foundation.

    - Concealer. It helps cover up any blemishes or dark circles that still show under your foundation and can be used everyday by itself, which is what I do.

    - Translucent powder. This can set your face makeup, but can also absorb oil to prevent shine. It doesn't add any color or coverage, so it's perfect for setting your foundation without giving a cakey appearance.

    - Bronzer/highlighter. A lot of people don't contour, but I feel it's an essential step, especially if you're going to be taking pictures. It's not necessary for everyday, but it definitely makes a difference.

    - Blush. This instantly adds warmth and color to your complexion.

    - Eyebrow powder/gel, but only if you feel your eyebrows aren't full enough. Eyebrows help frame your face, so they're definitely a step you don't want to skip. I personally have pretty full eyebrows, so I don't need to fill them in. In fact when I do, they always look over done, even with the smallest amount.

    - Eyeshadow primer. This helps the eyeshadow stick to your eyelids and makes the eyeshadow last longer and look more vibrant.

    - Neutral eyeshadow palette. This provides any colors you may need for an everyday look, and if it includes black, you can also use it for smokey looks if you're going somewhere special.

    - Eyeliner. The type of eyeliner you choose depends on what look you want to achieve, but I consider pencil and liquid the most essential, as pencil is best for tightlining and liquid is great for when you want to create a bold wing. Brown is good for a more natural look and black is good if you want something more dramatic. For hazel eyes, I'd recommend army green or eggplant eyeliner, as they make your hazel eyes pop. I'd also recommend a flesh colored eyeliner for your waterline to make your eyes appear larger and more awake.

    - Eyelash curler. It preps your eyelashes for mascara and makes your eyes look larger and more awake.

    - Mascara. It defines your eyelashes and makes your eyes pop. Brown is more natural, but I prefer black, since it makes my eyelashes more defined.

    - Lipstain. I prefer lipstain to lipstick because it lasts longer, but it's completely up to you which you prefer.

    - Lip gloss. This is better for everyday if you don't want anything too dramatic, and it makes your lips appear bigger.

    Sorry for the long answer, I just wanted to be as helpful as possible!

    Source(s): tons of experience ;)
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    BB Cream I love the Maybeline stay fresh one.

    A natural blush love the dandelion one by Benefit

    Concealer like the maybelline anti age rewinder

    A nice natural lipstick! Like the revlon lip butter in berry smoothie or peach parfait

    A simple nice mascara like the maybelline falsies or the benefits they're real

    A basic eyeshadow palette like Naked Basics

    An eyebrow pencil or eyebrow tinted brow gel, get one from Anastasia or benefit they have some of the best eyebrow pencils and brow gel.

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    BB Cream/ Foundation- Only if you feel its necessary


    Eyebrow Gel


    Liquid Liner

    Neutral Eyeshadow

    Lip Balm (not really makeup, but still essential lol)

    I, personally, only like to wear the foundation/bb cream and eyeshadow on special ocassions, but everything else I use regularly!

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    Your essentials really all depends on YOUR needs.

    But for me I can't live without bb concealer, powder, mascara, & eyebrow gel.

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