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what are some ways to induce labor?

I am not giving any information to anyone therefore you cannot judge. You only need to know I am less than two weeks from due date. I am seeking possible ways to induce or start labor at home. I've been dialated for some time and I'm ready. I have not pooped in three days so if intake stool softeners it may help me go but will it start labor. I need suggestions that have worked to start labor.

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    Try walking a lot but at the same time staying hydrated is important for yours and baby's health. So try walking with a water bottle lol although it could mean walking long distances daily. I also started drinking raspberry leaf tea!! It helped my uterus to begin contracting and with the walking.....I went into labor that week. Every woman and pregnancy is different but maybe these suggestions will help you as they did me. I hope the best for you and your new little one!!! Congratulations

    Source(s): wife and mother of 5 children all via c-section. Expecting our 6th in October
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    7 years ago

    Try walking. Alot of walking. And sex. Those are the two that ive found the most effective. Although the sex seems to work better. :)

  • 7 years ago

    lol just be patient. I know this is hard to hear bc i have kids myself, but my doctor once told me none of that works. They just tells moms that to keep them preoccupied and out of their hair.

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