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BNO續期 2014

我本BNO 係2006年過左期, 我有HK ID card and HKSAR passport, 我可以如何續期BNO, 係未一定要寄去英國的利物浦護照辦理中心? 如果係, 是否要寄舊BNO passport去英國的利物浦護照辦理中心? 我要寄咩文件(hk id card copy?)? 如果付款?


how can i pay online by credit card?

online application is for British passport application but not BNO. it is the same to apply BNO and pay in here (https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports) ?

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    1. Yes and no.

    Yes - all British Passports (regardless of nationalities) are issued in the U.K.

    No - Liverpool Passport Office is for local applications only. You must send it back to Durham.

    2. Yes. (For the issue with Liverpool, refer to the above).

    3. Your last British Passport and a photocopy of your HKID (in colour), as well as the photo.

    4. You pay online before you can submit your application.

    2014-07-26 03:28:49 補充:

    1. Once you have finish your application online, you will be asked to pay for the application and print your application for signature.

    That's how you pay.

    2. Yes. Your old passport will tell the HM Passport Office that a BN(O) Passport will be needed.

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    可以到英領事館網頁查考, 他們有詳細資料, 建議你自己親自睇下.









    提一提, BNO同特區護照係無關係, 最重要係HKID card. 特區護照既free visa係多過BNO, 而BNO價錢係貴好多.

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