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求中文解釋 請務必通順 20點 ((謝絕google直翻





There's a well-known political campaign slogan going around that where there's a fantastic dream there ensues a fond hope without fail. In accordance with it, I must have a strong conviction of mine added here to highlight my point of this topic. Undoubtedly, to live without dreams is to cease live, for a dream is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul. Now that's go back to the topic in question--- what on earth is my dream, and how am I to realize it after all?

As everybody knows that there has been a long-standing feud between the blue and the green blocs at home. To add fuel to the flames, China issue, like either a phantom ship or thorn in our side(=flesh), is vexing us economically and diplomatically, which is also rendering Taiwan stuck in the mire. Being on the horns of a dilemma, how I wish I were a white dove, a symbol and messenger of peace, to break the current stand-off. Through my holding out an olive branch to the both sides and under my tactful and tactic meditation, I sincerely hope my preliminary fond dream of ethnic harmony at home as well as cross-strait peaceful reunification will turn out an ultimate success.

O Lord, in you I put all my trust that all my above-mentioned dreams may come true the sooner the better.

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  • 7 years ago
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    有一個眾所週知的政治競選口號走來走去那,於此有在一定下跟著發生一個喜歡的希望的那裡的一個奇妙的夢。 符合它,我一定要有我的強烈定罪在這裡增加強調我的這一個主題的觀點。 毫無疑問地,在沒有夢下住將現場停止,為一個夢用在靈魂中棲息的羽毛是事物。既然有回去被爭論的主題---什麼在地球上是我的夢,而且我好嗎畢竟了解它?

    因為每個人都知道,家已經有藍色和綠色的集團之間的持久的不和。 把燃料加入

    Source(s): 譯言堂
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