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at this school of this school

Are you a student at this school?

假設上文文法正確,為什麼是 "a student at this school" 而不是 "a student of this school?" 請賜教。




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Thx 石破天驚!

I think this' just the thing.

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    Obviously, the main difference between "at this school" and "of this school" is the meaning of the two prepositions.

    Definitions from Oxford dictionary:

    "at" - used to say where somebody works or studies

    "of" - belonging to something; being part of something; relating to something

    Are you a student at this school?

    The question focuses on the identity as a student.

    在這所學校,是否"學生"? (或者是老師,工人等)

    Are you a student of this school?

    The question focuses on the school; you are a student at "which school"?

    是否"這所"學校的學生? (我知道你是學生)

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    She is a student at this school.

    He was a student at the University of Chicago.


    通常 student at a particular school or university. 尤其中小學

    usage 問題, 慣用 at school

    私立學校, 學生交學費便入去讀,

    無學費交, 便… sense of belonging ? 學生流動性大

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    He is the headmaster of this school.

    She is the Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh.

    He is the dean of the medical school.


    校長,大學的名譽校長(越高地位,是用 of , 是大學主要成員)

    多數美國私立的大學當擁有, being part of the university

    高薪 headhunt (挖角)明星教授, runs a university like an enterprise

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    教授重要是大學有 sufficient fundings 做 research

    有其他的同僚與 graduate students support

    大學聲望與 compensation 是 factors 一部分

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    此連結解釋了 at school , in school, at the school


    "a student at this school" 和 "a student of this school" 也可以是正確的。



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    "a student at this school" 指出 在這間學校這個地方(地點)的一個學生。

    "a student in this school" 指出 在這間學校這個環境(場所)的一個學生。

    "a student of this school" 指出 這間學校的一個學生。

    其實在此情況 at 和 in 更難分辨,但你今次問 at 和 of 則應該可以分辨。

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