What's wrong with my apindix?

For about the past 6-7 months for about a day or two my apindix just like hurts so bad and I have to get notes to get out of PE and everything else and all the time right when I'm about to go to the doctors it stops. So I never thought of it as anything besides my apindix hurts and I can't really walk, and I just decided it would be over when I woke up. However this time my room that is usually very cold is burning hot, I don't feel like eating, and I feel like I'm going to throw up.... I haven't gone to the doctor yet is because I'm extermly afraid of the thought of if I needed surgey I would be like forced to fall asleep and like they could kill me or something. It's stupid ,I know, but still it's a fear of mine. I suppose it hasn't hurt really badly since maybe the beginning of May..

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  • 5 years ago
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    Here are the signs of appendix troubles;

    Abdominal pains, usually starting around the navel and settling in the lower right side of the abdomen.

    Loss of appetite

    Nausea and some spells of vomiting

    An umusual urge to pass stool or gas

    Mild fever

    The appendix ,a hollow shaped looking worm structure that's attached to the first section of the large intestine (cecum) is about 3 1/2 inches long.Its not certain exactly whats its function is, but it may play a role in bowel immunity.Its not clear why the appendix becomes inflamed,swollen and full of pus, but many times appendicitis is associated with an obstruction.

    Most cases of appendicitis aren't life-threatening, but the condition warrants prompt treatment.Peritonitis, a serious infection of the abdominal cavity may develop if the appendix bursts.

    Treatment is usually done with surgery to remove the appendix with a less invasive form of surgery called laparascopy.

    I under stand your scared of this but there really is no cause for it there are many people in a surgery room like the nurses the anestesilogists and more so you have to over come this so if you ever do need surgery you are able to handle it.

    And for your question I think you may be having a kidney infection in progress and It would be wise to see your health care provider for testing. I wish you well.

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