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Learning Russian in Kazakhstan?

I am a 15 year old boy moving to Kazakhstan. I have a very high interest in learning Russian, which is highly spoken there. I live in the United states now and have since I was 4 and only speak English. I am a very motivated person and have always wanted to learn Russian. Now I know it will not be easy, but I have 3 more years of high school (In Kazakhstan) and I also plan to study the language in college if everything goes to plan. I was just wondering what it will take. Is it possible? How hard will it be to learn? I am going to take Russian classes in school and have an out of school Tutor, along with our housekeeper who only speaks Russian. So will living expat for 3 years in Kazakhstan be enough? I hear Russian is a very hard language to speak and wright fluently. I know very few words that I have managed to pick up on the internet such as Hi, goodbye, thank you, and other short phrases and words.

Any Tips? Any help?

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    It will be easier to learn Russian in Kazakhstan than other place because Kazakhastan is close to Russia and has more Russian speakers ,and Kazakhstan use slavic alphabet

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    In Kazakhstan, a lot of people talking in Russian. Also there are many Russian lives. Maybe there are Russian language courses. In any case, you will find the opportunity to practice spoken language.

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