Problems with my mum?

I think my mum hates me because she always starts arguments for no reason with me. Like.. right now I was putting new biscuits in the biscuit tin and she started yelling at me saying "are you not going to put the lid on this time and make them go all soft?" and I couldn't handle her yelling at me for no reason so I just went up the stairs and was like "bye" and she called me an asshole? like why does she need to make me feel low about myself about something such as that?

She'll always put on a positive voice when she wants me to do something for her and then whenever I try to have a normal conversation with her she'll put on a negative tone or tell me to be quiet. Which makes me feel as if she's using me.

She likes to make people gang up on me by telling my family or her friends negative things about me. I don't know what she's telling her friends but they used to always be nice to me and now they look at me as if she's been saying negative stuff to them about me.

Negative things she'll say to me:

"Where are all your friends?"

"You know where the door is!"

"You can go and stay with your dad!"

I feel like it started ever since I told her I was gay. And the reason I don't go out much is because i've been so paranoid about my sexuality and I left all my friends because they were homophobic and couldn't deal with being around that.

And my family treats me like i'm invisible now and she'll notice that they aren't replying to my questions and look away.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    lol @ soft buiscuts i am sorry but after i read about the problem of soft buiscutts i could no longer concentrate and was laughing to much to read the rest properly but i got the gist of it.

    you should say to her sorry mom i love you but it is not my fault you and dad split up . you have done a great job raising me thanks mom. but please do not be angry at me its not my fault.

    Or something along those lines precise and to the point that hits the problem head on accurately.

    Because the sword of truth slices through the bullshit

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