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What do you think of the acronym YOLO?

What do you think of the acronym 'YOLO'? What do you think of the word 'swag'?

Do you ever use acronyms/words like these?

What do you think of people who use them on a daily basis?

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    You only live once is not a new saying so YOLO while cool is not at all original.

    Swag is short for swagger which is also not new or original

    My favorite acronym is FEAR False Evaluations Appearing Real

    Some are clever while others are trendy and stupid.

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    I absolutely loathe slang words and phrases and abbreviated sentences, like "YOLO". Even words such as "ain't", which aren't even actual words, I cannot stand to hear, let alone say.

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    6 years ago

    Mah niqqa u dont no wat u talkin bout


  • Jay R
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    6 years ago

    Like anything oft repeated, acronyms can weary the listener. Some endure because of their usefulness, like a.s.a.p. and p.o.v., but most are herd mentality generated and witlessly expressed. YOLO can be interpreted as an excuse to behave irresponsibly or shortsightedly. I like OTL for expressing someone's mental state (out to lunch). I suffer from hearing the words basically, actually, even, like, just, really, sort of and kind of. People knowingly or unknowingly repeat what they hear as though a sense of belonging is created by sounding like the majority. Also, there are trendy expressions which eventually die a death of overuse.

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    6 years ago


    What it really means is "You Only Lack Originality".

  • alexis
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    6 years ago

    They are pathetic and some of the most annoying things I've ever heard of.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yolo: lame and overused

    Swag: I hate that that word became popular in the mainstream cuz we've been saying it for years (where I live) but now it's been turned into a joke, kinda .xx

  • 6 years ago

    I think YOLO is overused, and rather insulting to Christian people who believe in life after death.

    Swags? Stupid, which is why it's part of my "stage name."

    I'm not a big acronym user.

    People who say YOLO on a daily basis? Probably a little kid who thinks it sounds cool. He/she will grow out of it.

    Swags on a daily basis? Just an idiot who is trying to make himself look foolish.

  • 6 years ago

    I expect anyone using those words to be an idiot. Especially with YOLO since it has replaced, "Hey y'all! Hold my beer and watch this!"

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