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easy cheap ways to make my 2001 toyota corolla faster?

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  • Mr. P
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    5 years ago
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    Your car will go faster if either the engine produces more power, or there is less work for it to do.

    Simple steps - remove all carpets & interior trim, all the stuff in the boot and the spare tyre - carry a can of emergency goo instead as it weighs less. Nearly all modern vehicles are doing this to save weight.

    Remove your standard air filter and fit a larger one. It doesn't really matter from what - as long as it is larger.

    Fit a large bore exhaust, and a gas flowed exhaust manifold. This will make sure the exhaust produces less back pressure, and your larger air filter means there is less intake vacuum - which means your engine now makes more power.

    Remove the standard belt driven fan & fit an electric fan. Less effort than moving air around all the time.

    A bit more invasive is to strip the engine, "port" the exhaust and intake manifolds to smooth the flow of air through it, and replace the camshaft with a more aggressive profile meaning the valve timing is shorter - again redulting in more power from it.

    You can also have the cylinders rebored to an oversize and fit larger pistons - so you now have a larger capacity engine and thus more power.

    You can trim the wheel arches and fit larger tyres, so even though they rotate at the same speed, you will be travelling faster.

    Then there is the aerodynamics. Filling in any gaps and smoothing edges, fitting underbody panels will reduce drag.

    You can fit turbo to it and an intercooler to that to get more air in there and up the fuel to match giving the engine more power. And finally tuning for power not economy.

    This will make it faster.

    • Dannyl
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      Taller tires means you travel further with each revolution. If the car has systems that depend on a vss, you just put everything out of spec for systems to calculate.

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  • ?
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    5 years ago

    When new in 2001 this vehicle's engine was rated at 125 horsepower. By any logical standards this vehicle may have 100 horsepower today with a worn transmission and drive train components to include the cooling system. What if, just what if, you could add the original missing horses? What difference would that make? The owner of this Corvette, with over 400 horsepower, managed to do this by speeding and not being able to handle the power of the car. The Corvette was totaled. What is "faster" mean to you?

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  • 5 years ago

    It is a Toyota Corolla, it is not designed to go fast, it is designed to take the kids to school then go get the shopping. If you want a faster car get one.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    If a car weighs less it will go faster.

    You need to follow these steps:

    1) Take the stuff out of your trunk.

    2)Drive to a ghetto/sketchy neighborhood and park your car.

    3) Roll the windows down.

    4) Wait for 24 hours.

    5) Come back and your stereo will be gone.

    Now YOUR car will weigh less and go FASTER!!

  • 5 years ago

    While I agree with Who is Jack, you can do a 2ZZ-GE engne swap, but it won't be cheap. Even a turbo or supercharger kit won't be cheap. There is no such thing as a cheap way of making your car go faster.

  • chorle
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    5 years ago

    why do you want it to go faster they already can go over 90 mph and the speed limit is only 65

    it may also be helpful to keep the maintenance up.

  • Dannyl
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    5 years ago

    Leave early, put air in your tires, remove excess weight, catch a tail wind. and remember, when everyone else stops for gas, you can drive by smiling and honking.

  • 5 years ago

    drive off a cliff

  • 1959
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    5 years ago

    go down a big hill

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