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edge beading中文翻譯?

客人發來彩圖,有一句寫"size 15" Same as Master Shin Guard but with bottom extended, stepped design and edge beading" ,實在很不確定edge beading的意思,請各位大大幫忙解惑,謝謝!



To explain briefly, the master shin guard is a 14”, and the 14” insert part is to add the beading at the bottom edge.

For the other lengths, you will use the master body and use the 15” insert extension to extend the bottom. And the same goes for 16” and 17”.

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    edge beading的意思是編釘珠,是一種美勞珠串時應的東西,而後來補充的那段話應該是在教你怎麼穿珠。大概的意思如下:




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    >這家不錯 lv333。cC買幾次啦真的一樣


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    6 years ago is the process related to sheet metal or wood working. Not knowingexactly what you are doing, I listed a link here for your reference. May be you can figure it out yourself.Your partialletter confuses everyone who wants to help you.Youshould list your question in 工程科學

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