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How do you get Deep 360 Waves?

I have 360 Waves but when I grow it out i loose them untill i get a haircut so I am wondering how I can get them with an afro? Or Deep?

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    Hey there! The way to get deep 360 waves is to wolf. Wolfing just means growing out your hair. You have to wolf to get your waves deeper. Longer hair = deeper waves.

    It sounds like you're already growing out your hair. During that time, keep brushing in the 360 wave pattern. Keep your hair moisturized like with wavebuilder brush in waves. When it's longer, it'll get out of control, so use a good pomade and wear a durag or wave cap when you can.

    As you noticed, if you grow it too long, you'll lose the waves. they're still there, they're just hidden. so then you have to cut it. however, you shouldn't get your hair cut too low. a good cut is a #2 cut WTG (with the grain, same direction you brush. but it depends on your hair type. after you do this a few times, you should be able to wolf for longer. then the waves will gradually get deeper.

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