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How close did the Germans get to Paris in World War 1?

I'm planning to upload a video about World War 1 on youtube, but I don't know how close the Germans were to Paris. You can answer in Kilometers or Miles, but I prefer Miles.

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    The Germans were stopped about 25 miles from Paris, then they were driven back about 50 miles.

    Read under 1914.

    See the scale in miles below, the red-dotted line (furthest German advance) is about 25 miles from Paris, then the Germans were driven back to about 75 miles from Paris (solid red line).;_ylt=A...

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    Close enough for the French government to decide that Bordeaux (in the far west of France) was a much better place to run the country from than Paris.

    The main German armies were less than 25 miles from Paris when First Marne began, and advance scouting units were close to the outskirts of the city itself.

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    In August, 1914, the German's reached the eastern outskirts of Paris but were soon pushed back to 75miles

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    German forces managed to reach within 75 miles of Paris.

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    Not as close as they got in the 1870s

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    Quite close, Paris survived in large measure my thanks to the patriotic driver of the Paris public transport, and the Parisian taxi driver who transported soldiers for free to the front.

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