Where to buy BJD Human Hair Wig?

Does anyone know where I can buy a human hair wig for my BJD (a YOSD; 1/6 Doll) It's a hassle to take off the synthetic wig every time i finish playing with it ><

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  • 6 years ago
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    No - I have never seen a human hair BJD wig. And even if you found one, you would have th same worries about the cap possibly being dyed or possibly having a natural or synthetic rubber that could discolor resin.

    Also SYNTHETIC HAIR is the LEAST LIKELY TO BE DYED (since synthetics can be made in all colors with locked in color). Human and animal hair are the MOST likely to be dyed. That doesn't mean dyed synthetic wigs don't exist, just less likely.

    The cap however is the same for all wigs and can by dyed. Buy and use a silicone wig cap to keep the actual wig's cap from touching your BJD's head if you wish to leave a wig on.

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