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NUPOC versus Engineering Duty Officer?

I'm currently a Civil Engineering student with a 3.8 GPA about to enter my senior year. I originally applied to CEC and am waiting to here back. Civil Engineering Corps is my first pick but I know in this crazy economy I can't be to picky so NUPOC and SWO (EDO) options came up from my recruiter that I both qualify for. I am pretty passionate about Civil Engineering but like I mentioned I can't be too selective. I really enjoy physics and I know there is great bonuses to the NUPOC program (my school is already payed for so I fortunately don't need to utilize that bonus). I've talked to recruiters about some of the details for both programs. In either case I know would gain very valuable knowledge and skills by being a Naval Officer that always translates to the civilian world. After Nuc program I'd be able to work in the Nuclear Power industry pretty easily although the intense school for Nuc isn't technically a masters degree it is looked at equivalently to one. In EDO I believe that transfers directly to in the civilian world as managing a shipyard and the plus is you get an accredited masters in something like Naval/mechanical engineering. My question to anyone that knows or is in either program...what option would be most easily transferable to work in the Civil Engineering field if I did 6 years and got out and got a masters in civil engr? Obviously neither of them are directly civil but which program would benefit me most? Thanks in advance!

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    EDO probably gets you more openings in the CE world than NUPOC. It's kind of a "six of one, half a dozen of another situation"-neither one is going to directly translate, as you note. A lot of it would depend on what your Master's is in, honestly.

    Given those two choices, I would go with SWO EDO, but that's just me.

    Source(s): Active-duty US Navy and SWO (Non-Nuke)
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