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Do One Of These Girls Like Me?

Two weeks ago I was flirting with this girl who came to reapply at my summer job. My female friend told me the girl told her she finds me hitting on her weird and doesn't feel the same. Two years ago I'm sure the girl liked me but I didn't make a move and she got a boyfriend and we didn't interact much. She recently got out of a 2 year relationship.

The Girl:

The girl started working with us last Thursday and over the past week she has done the following: teased me, told me she noticed I've been hitting the gym, hugged me when I was gonna high five her, wrote her name on my arm and told me not to remove it, hit my butt a few times ALTHOUGH I saw her do it to a guy friend of hers, poke me as she pass by, squeeze my face with her hands and yesterday told me to come here so I can give her a hug before she left.

My female friend:

On Friday she said jokingly we are getting married and having kids. She asked to wear my chain for the day. When she would pass by me working she’d blow kisses and call me babe. She then went on my iphone and put hearts on her name in my contacts and a wedding ring.

She then had us take a snapchat pic together and told me to write "at work with the babe" and told me to send it to everyone so they know. I'm 22 btw.

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    Ok, so. 'The Girl' is very aware that you were flirting with her and can't help but boost her own confidence by ensuring you are always at arms length, right where she wants you, when she wants you. It's always nice as a girl knowing someone likes you and knowing that when you need that feeling of being liked/loved that someone is there to give it you. (That's you). She's in control and unfortunately might be using you as a pawn in her ego game. I could almost gauranteed that it you started seeing someone else or lost interest in her that she would a) be pissed b) get jealous or c) realise she has feelings for you. A and B because she's lost that control and your attention.

    'The friend'. Definitely likes you and I would consider that she's making that rather clear. BTW if it's making you uncomfortable to send out snapchats professing that she's your babe, I'd be letting her know or flat out ask her what the hell is up.

    The same can be said for 'the girl' too, ask her what's up. YOLO!

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