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how can I help my dialation along?

I'm 35 weeks almond and I'm 1 cm dialated. My doctors tell me she is head down and when they check my cervix they can feel that she is pushing down on it. They agree that it won't be to much longer but there is always that chance she could be stubborn. I am seeking ways to help my dialation along.

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    I found that the breathing exercises I learned in pre-natal classes helped. Lie on your back, and breath in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth. Try to let your diaphragm move out when inhaling, and in, when exhaling. The diaphragm is just above your stomache, at the bottom of your rib cage. Breathing should not be done quickly. Count to five while inhaling and again when exhaling. This will help your whole body to relax, including the muslces around the cervix. You can breathe like this even when standing at the kitchen sink, but you're almost ready to deliver, so try this lying down.

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    Please tell me you are not serious?

    You are only 35 weeks, you have 5-7 weeks of pregnancy left.

    Women can be 4cm dilated from 30 weeks and still not go into labour until 41/42 weeks.

    You cannot make yourself dilate and dilation prior to active labour really means nothing.

    All babies push down on the cervix in later pregnancy as they get in to position.

    They agree it won't be too much longer? Yes, not much longer, just 5-7 weeks.

    Never take the health of a baby for granted. Pregnancy is 40-42 weeks and baby needs all the time it needs to develop properly and arrive safe and healthy.

    35 weeks is prem, your baby could have health issues for life if your impatience somehow brings on labour which is unlikely as you really can't bring on labour.

    For the health and well being of your baby, let it be. You are only 35 weeks, your baby still has lots of developing and weight gain to finish yet.

    Rest up, enjoy some alone time, time with friends/family/partner whilst you can.

    Edit re comment:

    If this is not your first time, then you should understand that pregnancy is its own leader, that you cannot do anything to hurry it up. Dilation prior to active labour means very little and many women don't dilate before having an easy labour. Every labour for the same woman is different. Being more dilated does not mean an easier labour. I've been through 3 pregnancies and with my 1st stillborn, its important to realise that no child is guaranteed and to just let pregnancy and labour occur naturally. There is no need to do anything, your body knows what to do and will do it at its own pace. A medical background of 15+ years also helps my understanding and giving answers.

    Just enjoy your pregnancy.

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