Can a person be cured of rabies?

Hello , I just watched a Zombie horror movie yesterday and it made me thing about rabies (cause it's almost the same) , and I haven't been vaccinated since about 6 years , and is it important in a town? Cause I'm not living in a village where it's more common for wild animals to come. But can a person be cured of rabies after they're infected , or if I've been bitten then that's all , I'll die? :D

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    5 years ago
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    The rabies vaccine is used as a cure for rabies, because unlike other vaccines, this vaccine is effective against the disease after you get infected. But it works only if you get vaccinated within a short time after being infected. If you wait too long, then it won't work, and you might die from the infection.

    The rabies vaccine has a live virus in it. Which causes a benign infection and produces the immunity against rabies. In vast majority of cases, this live virus doesn't cause any serious health problems. But there is potential for it to cause health problems, and that's why people aren't routinely vaccinated for rabies. People get vaccinated for rabies only after they get infected, or when there is a possibility that they might have been infected.

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    There have been at least three cases where someone with rabies survived. Mostly they don't though. I believe in one the patient suffered brain damage.

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    The above poster is correct. If you are ever bitten by a wild animal (even a pet if it breaks the skin) you should go to your doctor immediately. Once infected with rabies, if you don't receive the vaccine soon after contracting you will die. There is no treatment.

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