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Bush/Cheney IGNORE CIA Warnings of 911 Attack! Don't keep U.S. Safe = F (FAIL) See CONS REPORT CARD Below!?


Bush enters office w/strongest economy in US history & in less than 2 years turns every economic indicator negative = F

Post 911! the U.S had sympathy around the world - In less than a year U.S. was most resented country in the world! Largest diplomatic failure in US history! = F (FAIL)

Bush/Cheney pull wool over countries eyes with the WMD Lie & invade Iraq! = F

Bush shatters record for biggest annual deficit in history = F


Most private bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period = F

Biggest drop in the history of the stock market = F

Cut healthcare benefits for war veterans = F

Dissolve more international treaties than any president in US history = F

Preside over the biggest corporate stock market fraud in the history of the world = F

Set record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any president in US history = F

Removes more freedoms and civil liberties for Americans than any other president in US history = F

Fails to fulfill his pledge to get Osama Bin Laden 'dead or alive = F

Bush/Cheney end in 2008 but FAILURES are BLAZING FORREST FIRE!

IRAQ ultimately cost 6 trillion dollars according to Harvard study = F


McCain/Palin = F

Cons ask for Obama's Passport Shtick = F

Romney/Ryan = F

Cons Shut down Government = F

Cons Exposed as RACIST = F

Bundy FREE-LOADING off Govt. Land = F

Brutally BOTCHING Executions = F


Bundy FREE-LOADING off Govt. Land = F

Brutally BOTCHING Executions = F

CONS Spilling major toxic waste = F

Cons threatening to throw reporters off balconies = F

Cons closing bridges = F

Cons suggesting 'legitimate' rape = F

Cons battle ACA = F


Cons & Boehner Lawsuit = F

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    You have done your homework. Good job!

    Here are a few names to add to your research which suggest the 9/11 attacks were DELIBERATELY allowed so that the lawless Bush/Cheney administration would have the "excuse the public would buy" (what their then-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil said Cheney and Bush were looking for only four days after being sworn in) to ILLEGALLY invade oil-rich Iraq and thereby gain a foothold in the oil-rich Middle East.

    GW's brother Marvin Bush, maternal uncle Wirt Walker I, and maternal cousin Wirt Walker III - on three different Boards relevant to the 9/11 attacks: (a) Securacom (changed to Securatec, Inc. after 9/11), the firm Bush/Cheney contracted to provide "security" for the WTC, for Dulles International (two 9/11 planes flew out of Dulles), and for United Airlines (two attack planes were United); (b) the notorious Riggs Bank that was found to have laundered money for two of the 9/11 hijackers through the wife of Prince Bandar, long-time friend of GWs and also a trained Saudi Army pilot who is friends with the bin Laden family; and (c) Industrial Risk Insurers, the re-insurers of the World Trade Center (and other properties). Uncle Wirt I was Board Chairman on all three Boards.

    Then NY and NJ Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg, also former Chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee who had donated heavily to the Cheney/Bush campaign, approved the transfer of the World Trade Center leases only six weeks before the 9/11 attacks were allowed to happen and handed over these leases to the LOWEST BIDDERS ($3.2 billion)---only a fraction of what the leases were worth. Lessors: Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties who, along with Rupert Murdoch and Eisenberg, had senior positions with the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a multi-billion-dollar "charity" organization for Israel; and Frank Lowy of Wesfield America, a Czech-born Israeli commando and former fighter in Israel's Golani Brigade.

    Silverstein built and owned Tower 7 adjacent to the WTC and he authorized Tower 7 to be "pulled" (torn down) eight hours after the 9/11 planes hit the WTC. The Wirt I, Wirt III, and Marvin Bush controlled Industrial Risk Insurers paid Silverstein on just that one building a whopping $871 MILLION on an original investment by Silverstein of only $386 MILLION---a NET PROFIT of $500 MILLION on only one building! I wonder how much they made on those leases?

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      homework: provide 1 credible link.

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    and Obama inherited the worst mess since Great Depression...

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      The problem is the wars don't stop with us leaving, enabling the criminals behind the scenes , this is a huge can of worms and no one knows the dam answer to solve it including republicans , obama has been screwed from day one .

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  • Josh
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    6 years ago

    All politicians do stupid things and make stupid mistakes. In the end This nation was in much better shape under bush then it is now. And we had a leader who would defend its citizens.

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