Safe to use tampon while pregnant?

I'm about 9 weeks or so, I have some bleeding and I'm also not sure if it's leading up to a miscarriage so Is it okay to use a tampon. My friend said if I'm bleeding through 3 super plus tampons under 3 hours then I'm having one but how would I know? And I'm seeing a lot of answers to "miscarriage?" As talk to your doctor. Well my situation is sticky and I haven't made an appointment yet, so help on that also? Thanks

For the other info I'm bleeding through 3 sheets of toilet paper in about 5 minutes, it was brown but now it's darker red and sometimes light red. Thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    If you are bleeding, you should always wear a pad or panty liner so that you can monitor how much you are bleeding and what type of bleeding you are experiencing.

    No, it is not ok to use tampons when pregnant.

    Doctors recommend using a sanitary pad instead if your secretions are abundant. Tampons, while they seem clean in their sterile packaging, can pick up a surprising amount of germs on the way from the applicator to their final destination. In any other situation, our bodies can successfully protect us from any problems associated with these bacteria. However, during pregnancy, the bacteria can creep into your baby’s system too easily and it could cause serious complications for you and your growing bundle of joy. You could even get toxic shock syndrome from these bacteria. Additionally, a tampon might disrupt the bacterial balance in your vagina and cause irritation. While that irritation is not too bothersome right now, you won’t want to be dealing with it while you’re pushing out your seemingly enormous newborn.


    I forgot to say that bleeding in early pregnancy is common, but is not normal. Any bleeding during pregnancy must be reported and monitored by your doctor.

    You are pregnant, whatever 'sticky' situation you are in should not prevent you from seeking prenatal care and being under the guidance of trained people. You need to see a doctor.

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  • 6 years ago

    Some people have what is similar to a period the whole time they're pregnant, go to a doctor just to make sure though. And use pads... Look up stuff about periods during pregnancy and you should find what it's called, I don't exactly remember

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  • 6 years ago

    1st off why haven't you went to a dr... that's very important... call around get appointment ASAP... if insurance or money is an issue go to the health department... then get pregnancy Medicaid.. but go to a dr first... don't use tampons they can cause infection while pregnant use pads and if you soaking a pad front to back in an hour you may be having a miscarriage... most important go to a dr!!!!

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  • Pippin
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    6 years ago

    Use pads. It's easier to judge how much you are bleeding.

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