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Do I have appendicitis or am I just overreacting?

I tend to overreact and worry a lot and lately I've developed hypochondria. I spend countless hours googling my symptoms and then spending weeks worrying. I've self diagnosed myself with leukemia, heart problems, lung problems, brain tumors, and more. Lately my "illness" has been appendicitis. I was doing back ends and backhandsprings on Tuesday and my upper abs started to hurt after. I googled to see if there was a cause besides sore muscles and appendicites showed up. I was up all night worrying. Wednesday my upper abs felt a little sore but the pain wasnt any worse. I started to feel nauseous because I was concentrating so much on my symptoms. I was constantly pushing down on my stomach to see if it would hurt, and it didn't. Thursday my abs felt better and I felt a little less nauseous but i was very worried that my low abdomen would start killing me and I would start vomiting. Yesterday, my abs didn't even hurt but I was still so worried. I started to get a headache and my neck started hurting.l My throat started hurting a little and my nose was a little stuffy. Today, my stomach is fine and I don't feel nauseous, but my head and throat still hurts a little and I have a little stuffy nose. I feel like all of a sudden I'm going to feel a sharp pain in my abdomen and start vomiting. Google has not helped me bc I've read that appendicites normally lasts for 2 days before it bursts and I've also read that it can last weeks. Please help me and calm my nerves. Thank you!

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    WAY overeacting.You were doing all that jumping and stretching, of course your muscles will ache a bit. You need to stay away from Google!!

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    nothing can calm your nerves. you will have a lifetime of needless worry and being twitchy,

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    All I can say is the more you rear symptoms online the more they tend to show up, but i had an apendectimy and i had a million test which all showed nothing wrong and then one day it just hit nuclear, so if its going to blow you shiuld know 8 hrs in advance atleast. I was on the floor banging my head against the floor.

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