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Recently added contacts will not appear in drop down when typing name in To: field in a new mail message?

Today I added two new contacts, doing so from within Yahoo Mail Plus by right clicking their email address and selecting add new contact. It appears to be happening with any new contact I add.

I have been unable to get their info to load in the drop down selection when typing ANY of their name or email address in the To: field of new messages. I have tried typing out their first name, their last name, and their email address to no avail. When I type their first name a list of contacts appears that I don't even know.

When I type the names of people who were already in my address book it loads their entries in the drop down list. But when I type certain names it loads contacts that I don't know and that are not in my address book at all.

I have reloaded the app. I have signed out and signed in. I have rebooted my system. No matter what I do any contacts I have added today will not load in my messages. Even though they still appear in my address book.

What is going on Yahoo?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The links within the above links will show how the Contacts

    Options are suppose to work.......HOWEVER.....

    There are so many problems lately with Yahoo Contacts with

    adding/deleting/inserting in emails, etc that the normal suggestions,

    for the most part, do not work. Yahoo has recently made changes

    ...such as AUTO SUGGEST.....links within...

    If you have not been switched DO NOT sign up for it


    I have written suggestions and complaints to Yahoo and I cannot

    tell you if it is going to do any good at this time.

    I mistakenly changed over and now when trying to enter contacts

    in an email only 5 or 6 show up to chose from....some are not ones

    I saved. You cannot enter Categories anymore. You can bring up a

    Category by clicking on VIEW...ALL CONTACTS...upper right

    after clicking on TO..CC...or BCC to bring up your entire contact list,

    but then you have to place a check mark to the left of them individually

    and click on DONE... and if you want to

    display more than the 5 or 6 that show up you have to click on TO,

    CC or BCC to bring up the entire list so you can chose which

    address you want.

    Some users are being switched to this terrible Contact option

    unknowingly. AND you CANNOT switch back. :o((

    In closing...the Contact option is a complete mess at this time.

    If you have been on the Answers site you can see how many

    disgruntled users there are and the various problems they are having.


    In the meantime the following seems to help some users

    Temporary glitches do happen and most of the time Yahoo is

    aware of it and is presently trying to resolve the issue. If you have

    the patience you can wait until Yahoo corrects the problem. If you

    don't have the patience you can switch to another browser to see if it can switch back to see if the problem has corrected itself.


    This Yahoo link displays the latest versions of IE and MacIntosh

    browsers that work best with Yahoo



    In case you are using Windows Internet Explorer 11,

    which is presently causing problems, you might consider

    disabling it and installing IE10.

    To check to see what version you have click on

    HELP....upper left...while in Internet Explorer..

    then click on ABOUT INTERNET

    EXPLORER....the next popup will show you.


    Uninstall links;_ylt=Aq9YvHrOFlt2W_...


    IE10 Download for Windows 7

    Limitations of Yahoo Mail if using I.E. 7 and 8

    Internet Explorer 8 No longer Supported





    Yahoo no longer picks the best answer. We out here would

    appreciate YOU doing it. So....when you are done receiving

    answers to your question "PLEASE" pick one as a BEST

    answer so someone gets credit for answering it. Thanks......

    You must wait ONE HOUR after you ask a question before choosing.

    This link will show how.


  • 7 years ago

    Oh, I am using Chrome. I also tested the problem out in firefox and the same thing occurred.

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