How do I bypass spybot search and destroy on startup during the check progress to load windows?

I already know how to stop it from running a scan on my computer before window 7 loads, but while the scan is in progress with a black background screen and I click on Stop check, windows will not load and stays on the black screen. I know msconfig and how to change the settings in Spybot but its already doing the scan. When it told me to restart the computer after I ran the scan on windows I didnt realize it would run another scan on startup. I have avast and I do boot time scans so I dont need this. I also have Kaspersky tds killer or something like that and super anti spyware. This spybot is annoying.

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  • 6 years ago
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    do the following:

    1. turn off spybot search and destroy

    2. now remove spybot search and destroy

    3. now run free ccleaner:

    4. if your using free superantispyware remove it from start up, its not required & your PC will boot up faster:

    (open ccleaner>tools>startup>hi-light superantispyware>click disable on right)


    you are right you don't require spybot search and destroy

    you have too many programs on startup, try safe mode to get round black screen

    TDSSKiller is a tool which will only run if you tell it too.

    If the PC won't boot in safe mode, tell us if it will boot in safe mode with cmd prompt - if it starts in safe mode with cmd prompt - using cmd prompt run check disc, then reboot & see if it will boot.

  • 6 years ago

    In the Search programs and files box, type msconfig and click on the msconfig icon that appears. When the System Configuaration window appears, click on the Startup tab. Then uncheck those programs you wish not to start and click Apply.

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