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Can someone be physically incapable of giving head?

I'm a virgin and I'm going to have sex soon but I am so terrified that my mouth will be too small to give head! I'm very petite and have a small head, jaw and mouth and I'm worried I won't be able to fit an average-sized or large penis into my mouth (I'm mostly worried about the width than the length). I'm just wondering, is this possible??? Cause it seems every girl is capable of giving head. I'd be devastated if I couldn't!! And also how much are you expected to get in your mouth? Like is just half okay cause I don't see how you could fit the whole thing in?!

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  • Kristi
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    7 years ago
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    'Giving head' is not just putting his penis inside your mouth. It is licking all over, the head, the shaft, up and down the shaft. It is your hand helping him along around the base of his penis. It is teasing him by licking and kissing around the area he wants you to.

    Keep your hand around the base of his penis and your mouth around the top. Ask him to tell you before he ejaculates. Getting a mouth full of semen when you do not expect it can be bad. Maybe jerk him off with your hand over your body, breasts of face the first time so that you can see how he ejaculates and what it tastes like. Then you can decide to allow that inside your mouth next time if you think it is ok.

  • MissA
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    7 years ago

    Putting the entire penis in your mouth is called deep-throating, and while it's always appreciated, it's not actually required. A pretty good fraction of the population won't do it because it's hard to avoid gagging, which is pretty unsexy.

    In terms of just general oral sex, it *can* be uncomfortable to stretch your jaw around a penis for an extended period of time. Assuming you don't have any jaw issues I think you can probably do it at least for a while... keep in mind that most of the penises you encounter will be smaller than the ones that you see in porn. And as Kristi says above, there's a lot more to oral sex than just taking the guy's penis into your mouth. She's got some good tips there! You'll be just fine.

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