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BRACES 101?!?!?

Hey guys so I'm getting braces on Tuesday July 22 and I'm thinking of getting baby blue on top and baby pink on bottom. Please tell me everything I need to know about braces!

Such as:

-how much it hurts

-cool color combinations (don't say school colors please!)

-what it feels like when you get them

-how much they hurt when they put them on

-what to eat

-what not to eat


Thx so much!!

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    The pain depends on the person and how aggressive your treatment is. The first time seems to be the worst, though, and mine hurt around 4 days or so. It was just a dull ache. Don't try to bite your food or they could hurt longer. You can use over the counter headache pills for pain if you need it. Plan for soft foods.

    You could pick colours that go well with your skin tone or eyes. Mine have always been pearl to match my clear braces, but they stain easily.

    You get the brackets on first, and that doesn't feel like anything, really. It just takes some patience. If you get molar bands, they hurt a bit since they put them on and take them off so many times to get the fit right. Once you get the wires and elastics on, that's when it feels the weirdest. It will feel like there is more stuff in your mouth than you have room for, and it'll take a few weeks or more to get used to that feeling.

    Again, the pain depends on how much they tighten them the first time and how well you handle pain. Some recommend taking a pain killer before the tightening, but I never do. i'm fine with a bit of pain. They are usually easy on you the first time around and work their way up. It may still ache for a few days, and eating will be weird and hard.

    Food: Ask your ortho, since everyone has their own recommendations. Generally you stop eating hard things. like hard candies, hard nuts, etc. I still eat nuts, but I'm just careful about chewing. No sticky foods like gummies, toffee, caramel, or gum. It gets into the wires, and it's really hard to clean again. You need to cut back on your sweets in general, and keep coffee and colas to a minimum to avoid damage and staining to your teeth and braces. Fruits and veg need to be cut up into small pieces. Forget about biting food. You just get stuff stuck all around your front braces by biting, and you risk food lodging under the wire and popping off the bracket. Eat everything with a knife and fork or break it up - even sandwiches. My friend says I eat bread like an old woman, but I would rather that than break the braces.

    ASK YOUR ORTHODONTIST all the questions you need. They will be happy to tell you everything you need to know so you can take good care of your braces.

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    Not sore getting on sore the next day though!! Have nuofin and strong one at that!! I have baby pink and they are sound!! Get a bit discoloured after curry but I use a mouthwash straight away!! Also my friend got baby blue and they are nice on her but I would not go with too colours

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    it'll hurt at first because your teeth will be moving and it hurts to even touch your teeth by tapping on your lips with your finger. you will feel pressure and just pushing your teeth with your tongue will hurt. it'll feel awkward for you to move your lips at first because the brackets will be in your way. always make sure your lips are moist so that it doesn't get caught up or stuck on your braces. i usually don't follow the "what to eat, what not to eat" rule but i know you are not suppose to eat caramel. chew gum, soda, and popcorn.

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    It hurts when you get them on and when they tighten them but otherwise you will forget you have them.

    baby blue and baby pink like you suggested would work well together

    eat soft foods

    dont eat chewy sweets or hard things such as apples because that will really hurt.

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