Is this normal? How can we be brothers?

Well hi there! I have a question, Listen, I live with my 5 brothers at our home without our mum, so we are 6 men in the house. My mum died on her 3nd birth, after that my father got maried an other woman and made 2 more kids all of them boys! Before 4 years she understood that she had canser but it was very late for cure, she died. After her loss our father was very depressed and many times he leaved us alone, thank god he is alright right now! Well let me describe to you my brothers to be more clear. The oldest brother Fred is 25yo and he is the 2nd father to us, he is huge and very muscular he is 1,96m and he weights 110kg he wasnt always like that he was very skinny and short until he riched 14 he had somethingh like a growth spurt and went from 1,50 to 1,70 in a year. After that he stoped growing and he started to excersise when he started he started growing taller again and until now he hasnt stoped. The second brother John is 24yo and 1,92m and 100kg he is very fat he had the same groing progress like Fred but he never excersised and until now he is getting taller too! The third brother is me I am 20yo and I am the shortest member of my family so far 1.75m and 50kg I have been working out since 13yo but with no result I can not understand why I am the shortest! The other brothers of mine are Nathan 16yo, 1,86m and 90kg (very muscle like Fred) and Martin, 14yo he is the most strange before 2 years he was 1,44 and 70kg (very fat) and now he is 1,83 and 80Kg (muscly)!

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  • 5 years ago
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    Maybe your diet is different on comparison to your brothers' and what's more you may have a health problem so it would have been better to visit a doctor in order to be sure about your growth. And let me ask you something are your physical appearance similar to your brothers? I hope my advice was helpfull and let me know what do you think.

  • 5 years ago

    Your the cute odd ball. Nothing wrong with being different. Don't worry

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