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can an aviation business fly whenever it wants?

I want to start an aviation business. Buy a small airplane and hire a pilot to fly people around the city. What do I need to make that happen if it is possible?

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  • John R
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    6 years ago
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    You don't mention where you are, so I'll have to respond as if you are in the US - aviation regulations will vary to an extent elsewhere.

    There are different types of avaition operations, and the regulations vary depending on what you are doing.

    If you are talking about doing sight seeing trips in the local area, during daylight and in good weather, and always returning passengers to the point where they started, the rules are pretty simple.

    If you are going to transport people from point A to point B, you are operating an Air Taxi or charter operation, which in the US falls under part 135 of the FAR's. The linked document provides what you need to submit to recieve an operators certificate for the simplest case, operating a plane of less than nine seats in VFR conditions and flying within a single state.

    The simple answer to your primay question is, yes, an aviation business can fly when ever it wants, subject to weather minimums that apply to the operation.

    Note to Andy C: Flight plans are NOT required for VFR operations.

  • Jon
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    By "around the city" do you mean a sort of air taxi carrying people from one point to another, or do you mean sightseeing flights around the city returning to the same take-off point?

    Sightseeing flights are fairly common in many parts of the world. The only real problem is that they cost a lot and not many people can afford them, so it is hard to make a profit at it. You would be more likely to succeed in a place where:

    - there are many sights which look patricularly good when seen from above.

    - there is a long tourist season and the weather is good much of the year.

    - there are a lot of wealthy tourists.

    - airport charges are low.

    If you mean an air taxi operating within a city, that is probably impractical due to the shortage of landing grounds. For light aircarft to be useful for getting around a city, there would need to be landing strips located every mile or so around the place. Even then, there would probably be a lot of objections due to the noise involved. (E.g. in England there used to be helicopter services linking Heathrow and Gatwick, London's two main airports, to each other and to central London, but it was stopped because of the noise problem).

  • ?
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    The first question to ask is if there is anything in your operating area that people would want to see!

    We have a local organisation which runs a flightseeing operation in conjunction with an aviation related tourist attraction and there is plenty to see in our area, but the flightseeing service could not cover its costs without subsidy from the other business.

    Generally, world wide, air services are required to be licensed, the aircraft have to be inspected and maintained to much higher standards than private aircraft and licensed to the service. Of course, the aircrew have to hold appropriate, higher level, licences and medicals.

    It is not unusual for the Operating Licence to have some restriction on the areas it can operate and the routes it can operate on. This is particularly true of any scheduled service.

    Source(s): Retired Airline Captain
  • JetDoc
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    Is there REALLY a demand for such services? What city? Will the tourists who are likely to support such a service be willing to pay for it?

    If you want to establish a commercial sight seeing flying service you're going to have to determine what restrictions the local, state and national governments have placed on such endeavors.

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  • 6 years ago

    Got a business plan??? This would answer your question no matter where you are. You need to start with the basic business plan, if you cannot do that you will fail sorry to say.

  • ANDY
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    6 years ago


    No you have to contact local aviation authoraties with flight plan before you go anywhere.

    Andy C

  • 6 years ago

    You need to start reading a lot of FARs first.

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