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He doesn't reply?

It makes me sad, he says brb and then doesn't txt me, but on fb Nicole says something and we all have a normal conv. I do like this boy and he's 15 and im 13. I do plan to ask him out but I'm not sure how and yeah.. Also what are some signs he thinks I'm annoying or clingy..?

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    1.Social media shouldn't matter at all, what does matter is how he act's in front of you. If he avoids you or doesn't talk to you then that's usually a sign you should back off and let him be. He may be just shy and isn't ready to talk to you just yet. Or he's just plain not interested...

    2. Guys will be guys. They can be doubt about that. If he says "brb" and doesn't text you back, put yourself in his shoes. Maybe he just fell asleep, needed to do chores, doing homework, etc. There are a million possibilities to what he could be doing. The worst thing you can do is fret over it. If he doesn't text you back, bring it up with him the next time you see him IN PERSON.

    3. You're 13 and he's 15...there is quite age gap there, especially for a young person like yourself. I know this is the last thing you want to hear but...relationships shouldn't be your first priority. You're young, you have time!

    Best of luck! <33

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      He's actually just turning 15 tomorrow and we are not together

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    Yeah i agree, i think he just thinks you're too young for him and more of a "young sister" type of thing.

    Sorry friendzone

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    I'll put this in short words.

    1. Who the hell is Nicole?

    2. He thinks you're just a kid. Don't try to change his mind.


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    If he doesnt txt bak he is not interested

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