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I need realistic fiction story ideas?

I'm 14, and writing is practically my life. I have written several stories before, and they were all realistic teen fiction. I am now trying to write a new one, and I'm stuck. I've wrote one about a not so popular girl falling in love with a popular guy, One about a guy moving to a new town and having Leukemia and he ends up living his life and being a photographer. I really need help with this one. Please.

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    Well, what else are you interested in?

    There is no such thing as a writer with no ideas, just one who hasn't spent anywhere near enough time thinking. And I'm pretty sure that to have writer's block you actually need to have a plot in mind to begin with ;)

    I think you just need to think more. You don't *need* ideas now, so what's the harm in waiting? Spend some time thinking about it yourself. Think about anything that might make a good story. Listen to stranger's conversations and ask yourself what they do, where they're going, what life they have. Make a story out of it. Think about a dream you've had. Make a story out of it. Think about a topic you've seen on a soap opera that you'd like to investigate more. Do the research on the topic and make a story out of it.

    Needing an idea and asking other's for it does not make you a good writer. Being able to turn everyday scenarios, dreams or mere ideas into a story makes you a good writer.

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    o.O All the other answers are soo... Never mind.

    Anyway, to the answer of your question (these ideas might suck, hehe.)

    Maybe, he has some wishes, some dreams to accomplish before he dies. Then the wishes are up to you and his life's adventure of the boy.And that's how he becomes a famous photographer (maybe to be a photographer is one of his dreams)

    Maybe end it as if he died, just saying because the readers might cry if one's character is good enough and if he has a developing character XD It might add some emotion to the story.


    Oh and try reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it might inspire and help you a lot but it's not realistic, though.


    That was all I could come up with.

    Oh and best of luck in fighting writers block!

    Try meditating or spending time with nature while thinking about your story, inspiration might be sitting with you!

    Oh and don't forget to listen to inspirational music, it helps a lot! Just type 'top 10 inspirational songs' on Google and there you go!! The song that helped me was 'Earth Song by Michael Jackson'.

    Plus, don't worry, it'll end.

    Oh and try keeping a dream journal too. Read them loudly to yourself, you might get a few ideas.

    Go on tumblr, find a picture and write a back story to it. It helped me :)

    And search different artworks, they might give you a few ideas too.

    I am a writer so I know how it feels :(

    Best Of Luck! :)

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    Does anyone give the answers wanted? man...

    anyways, my photographer story ideas: He falls into a ditch, photographing, and discovers something, maybe a cave, he decides to expire and he finds...mmm... maybe a secret cult that worship a angel, but the thing is, the angel is imprisoned, locked and chained to a space on the wall, sleeping until the legendary photographer comes and shines a light (aka camera flash) onto it. Freeing the angel, but then they must escape, fight by, and hide. After that the angel needs a place to stay, so gets invaded to his apartment, and his past is then revealed to the photographer, she receives a gift from the angel for freeing it. Or the angel could be a grateful demon or jin.

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    If you want to write sick-lit, the best advice I can give you is to not to.

    If "writing is your life" why don't you write something original instead of copying the latest trend or asking others to tell you what to write about?

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    Try writing a short fantasy/sci-fi story. Fantasy and sci-fi are both very imaginative--anything could happen. It'll get your creative juices going.

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    Okay a writer would actaully have to sit down and think and dont actaully ask other people about it okay it makes you look imcompetiant

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    If writing "is your life", you should sit down and think up your own stories...

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      Writer's block is not an excuse for asking people for ideas.

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    if answering questions on yahoo is your life you should be less of a ****...

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