HKCC Asso and HKU Space

今年考完DSE, 考唔上大學. 依家收到HKCC Translate (ASSO) 同HKU SPACE Translate (HD) offer , 想問下應該揀邊間好>< 我想上番大學,不過唔知邊間升番上去好d

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  • Gary
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    7 years ago
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    HKCC is better than HKU SPACE.

    Setting aside the tuition issue, as soon as you meet the requirement, you will be able to continue your studies with PolyU's SPEED (self-funding) or if you prefer, a UGC program from PolyU.

    Bottom line - you will be graduated from PolyU.

    However, with HKU SPACE's program, you will have to look for top-up programs yourself. If lucky, you will be able to get into HKU or other local universities. Otherwise, overseas universities will be your choice.

    HKCC's route sounds more promising than HKU SPACE.

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