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Who is more important, shareholders or the little people?

The little people work for their money. The shareholders are the owners of society. They are more valuable because they are much richer. Do you agree?

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    Society or the community is more important, but I wouldn't call the people who constitute those groups "the little people".

    Share holders have to remember that the companies they own sell their products to society, so without society there would be no sales, no returns available on investment, and therefore no shareholders. This is also demonstrated in the concept we know as customer service.

    Note also, that if the people in the society or community did their shopping and transactions with the organisations that don't have shareholders, the economy would still function, as we can see with the success of the mutuals (eg building societies), cooperatives, staff partnerships (eg John Lewis, Waitrose), social enterprises, charities and other community owned surplus making organisations (with the largest examples including the BBC or the National Trust).

    Considering then that shareholders need society, but society doesn't need shareholders, it should be quite clear that money should serve the people, rather than people serving the money.

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    Both, they need each other, if everyone's a shareholder, then there's no point, same goes for midgets.

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    In a democracy little people are important too because they decide, in any election, who to be put into power to govern. Rich people help the prospective rulers to win election so that any regime that comes to power may adopt policies that would help the rich to grow richer.

    Shareholders in general except promoters of companies try to make money from variation of price in stock market and they are politically less important.

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    both are needed to run company smoothly and if there is no little people then to run company there is no one to work in company and vice versa

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