Help remembering a book title?

The book starts off in a dystopian future where gangs find people and take anything of value, and anyone who refuses or is no longer helpful gets "cancelled," which is the word for killed. There are machines that inject people in the head to put them into their fantasy world, and the main character cannot use these machines because he has epilepsy, and the injections would kill him. He is about to rob an old man when he sees something under a crate the old man is sitting on. The old man then reveals that the thing is actually a "story" which is really rare, because holograms and injections are the norm. The only other part I really remember is when the main character stumbles upon a race of monkey-humans who are following a leader who is technically dead, but is still strapped in the fantasy machine which is keeping him alive. Sorry for the grammar, and thanks in advance :)

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  • 5 years ago
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    "The Last Book in the Universe" by Rodman Philbrick.

    "Spaz is a 14-year-old boy who cannot use mindprobes because of his epilepsy...On one of his errands, Spaz is sent to "rip-off" Ryter, a very little, old man who possesses the lost arts of literature..."

    "...Eventually Spaz learns that Bean, his beloved adoptive sister, is dying of the blood sickness (leukemia). Ryter and Little Face accompany Spaz on a journey to find Bean. The trio starts by traveling through "The Pipe", a large, rustic water pipe that leads to other latches. Along the way, they pass through latches controlled by various other bosses, having adventures along the way. One of the latches is ruled by the "Monkey Boys,". Spaz and company find out that the latch-leader, Mongo the Magnificent, is dying because of a probe being in his head for an extended time."

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